December 29, 2008

::::: Ok, I have been toying with a male skin for quite a while. For some reason I never really felt like making one, but my (male) friends keep pushing me, never letting up. From time to time I work on it a bit, but never really confidently. For men there's an even higher standard set skinwise, so why try to compete? And I tell you, it IS harder to make a (decent) male skin.
Anyway, this is where I am at after on and off work for months, LOL. Have a look.

male skin in progress

The male template nose is driving me nuts, it keeps making the nostrils look like triangles and I haven't found a way around it. Though I think there is none since every other male skin has it. The lips and eyebrows don't offer a lot of variation possibilities and grr let's not even start about the chest warping. The male avatar shape is very unforgiving and very limiting, if you ask me. More so than the female one. The male body also needs way more detailing in regard to hair, veins, muscles. I truly needed some help there. In a way I can understand why male skins are usually more expensive than female skins. I also wonder why they never offer more eyebrow colors. Face it, if you're a blonde or light brown haired male, you're pretty much f*cked and forced to wear black hair like the masses or just decide not to care and look like a guy with a wig. Mine will definately have a dark AND light brow option. (see pics, left is dark, right is a lighter, brown brow)

Well, I have lots more work to do on this skin but I guess at some point it will be suitable for release. So PLEASE guys, men, dudes, stop twisting my arm! LOL


  1. After posting those images, you will have girls twisting your arms too, for their partners. ;)

    Its looking very promising, though I think I can see what you mean about the nose. Very interesting to hear about the limitations of the male shape, it fits well with some of the issues my partner keeps running into when it comes to shape creation.

    And yay for lighter brows for guys, too. :)

  2. Not bad at all though. I really hope you'll be able to manage the difficult male world.
    Once you release a demo I can't wait to put it on my first male bud.


  3. Gorgeous! I really do need to join your group. :-)

  4. Good luck with that male skin Tuli, you are already off to a very nice start!

    I have been pushed and pushed to make mens skins and I have done one, but the male avatar is simply terrible, there are issues with the nose, the mouth, the brows, the chin, back, groin, knees, feet....let's face it, it's terrible.

    I am always so impressed when I see a good looking male avatar because I am convinced it's not possible! Thank goodness for beautiful skins :)

  5. im impressed - even att his stage it looks better than alot I have seen for sale when looking with a friend.
    When you get this done I must take him over to see.

  6. /me drools

    Huh? Wah? It's not done yet?

    /me pouts and cries

  7. This is looking exceptional, I'm sure once you're happy with the results, we will all be lining up our men and demand they have it in their inventory!

    As an admirer of skin creators, It's interesting hearing your perspective on this project considering you're so well developed with female skins. I do hope you continue because what you've got so far (whether it's done or not) is a creation of both beauty and patience. We are so lucky to have you makeup our avatars :D

  8. Omgooses...I want to make a male avie now....XD

  9. I will be all over this when this happens. You know I LOVE your skins.