October 4, 2015

Succubus avatar for We♥Roleplay

::::: I made a succubus skin for the We♥Roleplay monthly event and thought 'hey, it would be cool to have a whole look around that'. So I put together an outfit and multiple matching accessories to go with the skin and here she is!

Included in the Succubus set are skins, body skin appliers (Belleza, Maitreya and Slink), outfit (including OMEGA applier), OMEGA head skin applier, boots, eyes, horns, wings, choker, bracelets, tail, eyelashes and shapes. Hair is not included, which is from Magika in above image, and of course the mesh body and mesh head, which are from SLINK and LOGO respectively. The head skin applier is OMEGA, and also looks great on SLINK mesh heads!

Included skins are with and without head and/or chest tattoo. The hair in this pic is by Elikatira.

The beautiful new hair in this image and the next one is from Amacci by Carina Larsen, who is back with a vengeance!

If you don't own a LOGO or SLINK mesh head, the default avatar skin is also included, with eyes and lashes.

All images were shot in different environment settings, with and without shaders, so please get the free demos to try everything in your own preferred settings.

You can choose one of two value packs, one with everything included, or one with only skin items.
The outfit, boots, wings, horns and choker/bracelets are available separately as well.

Succubus is only available at We♥Roleplay right now, with a special discount of 30%.

September 24, 2015

Luna for The Fantasy Collective

::::: For the September edition of The Fantasy Collective event I offer a gothic macabre themed mini-skin package for both the default avatar and Lelutka mesh heads. Luna is a sultry but dangerous lady. Beware!

The shape for the default avatar is included in the default avatar package to complete your look.

→ Taxi to The Fantasy Collective [September round lasts until October 15th]

[hair by enVOGUE / body and panties by Maitreya / teeth by TULI]

[hair by Little Bones / body and panties by Maitreya / corset by United Colors / necklace by Maxi Gossamer]

September 10, 2015

Slink Visage Beauty Kit

::::: It's been a (too) long time in the making, but I've finally finished my first applier for the Slink Visage mesh heads Becky and Emma by mesh pioneer Siddean Munro. I've created a custom texture to keep Becky's and Emma's distinct features intact for this first installment.

Some of you have requested a Belleza body applier for the pearl/powder/petal tones currently on sale, and it's now available at the mainstore!

August 26, 2015

New releases: Willow, custom elf ears, teeth HUD, alpha helper

::::: I hope you are all enjoying the summer! But if you get too toasty, settle down with a fan and a cool drink and check out the new releases at TULI!

The store has been remodeled for a better browsing experience, hope you like it!

All pearl/powder/petal toned skins are on sale, and will be retired after the sale is over. I plan to have the sale around for at least a month.

On to the new releases!

First up, I've made an Alpha Helper HUD, which will help you cut down on alpha layers worn and help you choose the right ones (hopefully). It's a dollarbie!

The new skin release is 'Willow'. She has flawless skin, doll-like features and natural thick brows.

Available in the seven new tones. The Willow pack includes five eyeshadow tattoos and ten lipstick tattoos. Note that these only blend with Willow skin. Also included are two additional cleavage types and Willow's shape.
Appliers for SLINK, Maitreya and Belleza are available, as are PXL Sweetlips and Loudmouth appliers.

The ears she wears are also a new release. They feature different piercings on each ear and have custom-made textures to fit the new tone range 1 through 7. They do NOT have a tintable option.
Via a HUD you can choose the tone, the metal color and the studs theme (pink/mint or red/black).

There's also a basic version of the ears:

Last but not least, a HUD controlled teeth attachment. You can choose from several different options for regular teeth, braces, gapped and vampire teeth. To show them off you can use the custom alpha layers or invisiprims. Of course you can also use them with your mesh mouth.

Most vendors have now been scripted, so gifting and redelivery will now be possible on purchases made after today.

Pop by the new store (same place as before) and grab yourself a cookie!

July 26, 2015

Loudmouth and Sweetlips appliers for Neve

::::: A lot of you requested them and here they are: Loudmouth and PXL Sweetlips appliers for Neve are now available inworld!

They use the exact same textures as the actual skin, so the fitting is all up to you!

July 15, 2015

Group exclusive: Edie

::::: It's been a long time, dear group members. Thank you for your patience and support! Here's a special skin just for you!
This gift pack contains 4 eyebrow shades on the new tones 2,3 and 4, and the shape pictured.

Activate your group tag and come on over to the TULI store to get yours.

July 13, 2015

Neve skin release

::::: The 'Neve' skin from the Skin Fair is now available in the TULI store inworld and on the Marketplace.

Neve is available in 8 new tones. Each tone pack includes 4 eyebrow shades on skin, 5 eyemakeups on tattoo layers, 10 lipsticks on tattoo layers, 2 additional cleavage types on tattoo layers and undershirt layers, bonus shape, bonus teeth tattoos and appliers for Maitreya and Slink!

A shout-out to Strawberry Singh, whose close-up windlight setting I used while
creating and photographing this skin.

March 13, 2015

Skin Fair 2015

::::: Long time no see! How have you all been? Trying not to let your inventory blow up? You know it's a lost cause...  Especially since the Skin Fair is here again!

I hope you'll like my offering this year. Neve is a new face, and has a new smoother body. There are eight new tones to choose from. Each tone pack contains four eyebrow colours (on skin), five eyeshadow tattoos, ten lipstick tattoos, two additional cleavage tattoos/undershirts, two new teeth tattoos for a parted lips effect, and as a bonus I've included the shape I used.
For skin fair shoppers, I've also included the Maitreya and Slink Physique appliers free of charge.

Spring is in the air! Can you guys feel it?  

Visit the PGP page for a teleport and maps of the skin fair!