January 9, 2009

::::: It took a while, but here they are at last, 9 new makeups for the Meredith skin line! I tried to give some variety, and some glossy lips, hopefully there's something there to your liking!

new Meredith makeups

There's also a fun FREE Meredith skin available in store. I called it "post party", and as the name suggests, this is what your makeup could look like after a long wild party! All 5 tones, and all eyebrow colors, enjoy =)

Meredith post party

Alexxis is working hard to expand her collection of beautiful shapes fitted for all my skin lines. Her latest addition in my store is Mandy, fitted for the Meredith skin line. Demos are available!

Mandy shape

Still in the works: fair tone for Kalista, Elizabeth makeover, Emily revamp, male skin, new female skin


  1. Captivating Copper is fabulous, thank you!

    What will the Elizabeth makeover entail, btw? Will the existing tones and makeups be transferred to the new version? :)

  2. Your skins just keep blowing my mind, they're beautiful!!
    But please, oh pretty please, consider making pale & goth tones (with everyday makeups too) for Meredith and Kalista?? The same tone you did the goth Elizabeth in is awesome, I lurv it!!! & Maybe some more makeups for the goth Elizabeth:) Okay I'll go crawl back under my rock now...

  3. I truly love the Kalista skin but the Meredith one is also on the fast track to becoming a fave! Love all that you make.