December 25, 2008

::::: I hope you all had a great Christmas celebration! Here in Holland we have two Christmas days, yep, stores are closed still. Don't ask me why we have two days, I have no clue, lol. It's pretty pointless.
Anyway, I hope you're liking the Kalista skins. I have moved on to the next things on my to-do list, which includes upgrading Elizabeth, new makeups for Meredith, a pale tone for Kalista and, haha yes, another new skin.

I could call this an Emily remake, but she has already taken on a different look, although the glossy lips are still there. Trying a bit of photosourcing on her too to get a more realistic skin texture, with spots and imperfections, but I don't know yet how this is gonna work out.

Here's a little snapshot of the progress. Please note that this may not be the end result! But I wanted to show you what I am working on, there's no slacking here! xD

Work in progress


  1. Yay!!! A pale tone for Kalista, woohoo!! And an Elizabeth upgrade - how much more perfect could that skin be?? Maybe if the goth tone came in a few more everyday style makeups?;)
    The new skin looks beautiful, I can't wait to see what you come out with next!

  2. Those sound like some great releases to look forward to. :)

    I'd love to see some darker/earthier makeups on Meredith, perhaps with some hints of gold or bronze.