August 15, 2009

::::: I started working again on the new female skin. Here's a pic of what it looks like now. The body has been overhauled as well, but I am not gonna show you yet *grins*.
I am trying to use more photo sourcing again. Now, I am not an expert nor a pro, and I learn as I go, so be gentle please =P
I've decided on a name, Bella.

Bella w.i.p
(hair by !lamb)

I'll be working on it for some time still, until I am satisfied, but until then I hope you enjoy the new lucky chair items and the new clothing I recently released!


  1. This skin is really stunning.
    Love the brows and slight freckles,
    what an enticement <3

  2. mmmmk.. everytime I think you have made my ultimate fav skin, you go and make another... j'adore teh freckles on this one.. cant wait until its ready for elven test rides *G*

  3. Omg, I'm slightly speechless, such a natural beauty! Love <3

  4. OMG!
    I think I am in love!

  5. really beautiful... <3 the freckles!

  6. Yes this skin is amazing!! you won me over with this one. Oh god i want that <3

  7. and Bella is the right name :D

  8. Cherie ParkerAugust 15, 2009

    Tuli.. I love this skin... I thought Hope was the bomb.. but OMG... this is stunning! *Begs to be a beta tester! :)

  9. absolutely gorgeous!
    i cannot wait until i can get my hands on this :)

  10. I very rarely have time to login to SL anymore, but I keep your blog on my RSS Reader because I enjoy seeing your work. You have an awesome talent, and I look forward to watching you grow as an artist. Best of luck to you! <3

  11. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No further comment needed!

  12. Poulepondeuse CoakesAugust 17, 2009

    just like Uma said...

  13. I did gone in your shop lady to find this astonnished and beautiful skin for my love but i didn't found it.... Perhaps my english is so bad that i din't understand it is not yet released? (i am french ) Tell me if i am an idiot or give me the link to find this :))))
    Congratulations for your excellent work lady, it's awesome...
    Samlowry Hawks
    Estate manager of "The lost gardens of Apollo"

  14. LOVE IT!!! I cant wait until you release her... I have fallen in love with the natural skins and makeups due to your skins... *wiggles with excitement*

    ~Lorraina McDonnell

  15. Is it out yet?? And will it come with an optional hair base? Outstanding work!!