July 26, 2009

::::: I have decided for various reasons that I am not going to reinstall the store card system.
If you still have a Tuli store card, you have until FRIDAY JULY 31 to send it to me in a folder with a notecard stating your desired item(s).
The cards can NOT be exchanged for linden dollars.
After July 31 I will no longer fill store card orders.
Thank you for understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience!

On another note, I have put a second lucky chair out in the main store, and put new items in!
Hope you like them =)

pink skully bikini

stars tattoo

neko girl tattoo

(hair by Dernier Cri)

And, I almost forgot, members of my VIP update group can come to the main store and get their hands on an exclusive Hope makeup called Star in all tones FREE! (activate the group tag and click on the toadstool!)
Thank you for your support!


(hair by Dernier Cri)

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