December 16, 2008

::::: While taking a break from finishing up the new skins, I decorated some more for the winter season, and Christmas. And I thought to myself, I really like my sim. I mean, it's decorated by me, exactly the way I want it, according to what I like and who I am. So if you take a stroll through the sim, you're actually strolling through my brain. LOL. Well, sort of, haha, let's not make it too creepy =P
I love beautiful things, beautiful GIRLY things, and knickknacks, clothes, vintage and retro, chocolate cake, hot cocao and sparklies, animals, flowers, trees and pink things, magic, myth, dreams and fireflies, dancing and old fashioned romance.
You might see a little of everything of that in my sim Journey. Follow me on a little stroll?

snow fun
While looking for winter decorations I stopped by one of my favorite shops, Artilleri, and found this amazingly cute snowman family. I'd cuddle them if it wasn't gonna melt them. The stars and the log in their midst is a fun group pose from Snooky's. I've put down some other fun and cute poses around the sim for your use to take a cool snapshot with your friends. Even on some roofs... =P

Left of my main store building is a cafe where you can hang out and pick up some yummy looking snacks and drinks to take home or eat at the spot. You can make your own coffee and sit on the terrace outside. But be careful, there seems to be an invasion of tiny little sugar girls trying to get at your cake! If you feel you just wanna lounge a bit, you can always sit down with a soft comfy pillow under the tree or in the gazebo.

While you're hanging out with friends, try this Japanese photo booth which can have up to 7 people. By clicking each individual stand you can have everyone in a different funny pose, and you can also change the background and frame. It's great fun! Use emotes too, you won't stop laughing!

Romantic corner
If you exit my main store to the left, you will find yourself in an area I made for couples. There's a wooden dancefloor with soft twinkling lights and 3 slowdances (if you don't see them, type /1show, to hide them, type /1hide. The giant tree, forever green, is lit with fairy lights and candles, and has a few cozy couple cuddles among its roots and on the side.

In the northeast corner of the sim is a nice tranquil spot, with a tree swing. It has bunnies, birdies, a fountain and a wide open view on the ocean. The tree swing has awesome cute couple poses, but also a solo pose for male and female if you just wanna be alone for a while. Oh and did I say there are cute bunnies and birdies? =P

Unicorn lookout
Exiting my store at the back will take you to the unicorn lookout. Unicorns are mythical creatures that represent purity. She has no name yet, but if you know a good one, let me know! She's on her lookout watching over you while you're here. Isn't she gorgeous?

Make it festive
Minke Bailey is a talented lady who makes beautiful buildings (she designed my main store), furniture, accessories and much more using sculpties. All her products are high quality, and she made really nice sculpted items to make your Christmas season even more festive. Luxury gift boxes, adorned stockings, Christmas trees, Christmas teddies, raindeer, snowman, snowglobes, and even a winter wonderland ice cave and Christmas palm trees, all made with high quality sculpties. There is a vendor with all her Christmas items in the magazine corner in my main store, take a look at what she has to offer! You won't be disappointed! Everything really is as good as in the pictures.

Happy decorating! xD


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