December 15, 2008

::::: I had a really tough time choosing the winners for the photo competition I issued to my customer group. I got more entries than I had expected and so many sported such beautiful faces...
I want to thank everyone who sent in their photos. If you didn't win, it doesn't mean you did anything wrong or that your photo was bad. I just had to pick 3 in the end...
Here they are:

Photo competition winner - Elysium Rayna

SECOND PRIZE WINNER: Macey Mandala and Silvy Dean
Photo competition 2nd place winner - Macey Mandala and Silvy Dean

Photo competition 3rd place winner - Brutus Martinek

Congrats to the winners =D

My personal taste leans toward the soft, ethereal look. That's why Macey Mandala's and Elysium Rayna's entries stood out for me. Apparently they both share the same feeling, and it was hard to make a choice, but in the end I knew I had to. I chose Brutus' entry because of the sweet, innocent face with the melancholic look. I saw many sweet faces but I kept coming back to this one.

I'm finishing up the demos and vendors for the new skin line, and of course have to add Elysium's chosen name to all, so expect the release later this week! Thanks again everyone!!!

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