December 21, 2008

::::: Kalista is here!
Kalista is a total revamp of an old favorite: the S5.

Huge improvements to the body, and a soft, well defined face.
The skins come in 3 skintones, with each a choice of 21 makeups suitable for a myriad of styles.

Furthermore, I offer the option to combine eye makeup and lips from different makeups. In this case, pay me directly in advance (there is no extra charge for custom combinations). You can then order by sending me a notecard with your combination of choice (for example: eyes from 13, lips from 07), your skin tone choice (light, medium or tan) and paste the transaction info of your payment. Depending on the workload it may take up to 2 days for your order to arrive.
I can also add freckles, if you want that, also state this in the notecard. Name the notecard custom order - yourname, for example: custom order - Tuli Asturias.

I also made available 2 custom shapes for the Kalista line based on my own shape (with demos), for a limited time, until Alexxis has a chance to do her shape magic. So if you love the skin, but don't quite know how to make it work, this is a good start!

Kalista skins and shapes only available at my main store at this moment.
There's a map of the store in front of the center tree which shows where everything is, with direct teleports to each area.



  1. Those are some stunning red lips in particular. :)

    The one with the vines at one eye is really eye-catching, too. I'd love to see that one with a darker lip, I must admit. :)

  2. these are stunning - some of your best