October 16, 2008

::::: Thanks to all the people begging for one, friday will finally see the release of the Elizabeth gothic tone.
Instead of plain white, I chose to go for a more porcelain desaturated tint, which will have more applications than just goth. Think fantasy and cyberpunk!
I have 9 makeups finished, and here I also tried to think a little outside of the traditional gothic box. Each makeup has 4 eyebrow color versions: black, purple, red and silver/grey.

If you wear another bright color, like for example green, or pink, send me a notecard with the transaction info for each skin/pack you bought and want the new eyebrows for, and the shop name and hairtexture you want the brows matched to (for example: Magika - green), and I will send you the additional eyebrow color free of charge! (Please allow up to 2 days for this though, as I will have to adjust, check, maybe adjust again until it's right, upload and create.)

NOTE: this service only applies to the Elizabeth gothic tone skins which will be released this friday!

Callie Joubert, to whom this skinline is dedicated and named after, made a very pretty teaser pic of one of the makeups called "Medusa":



  1. Violaine VillotaOctober 16, 2008

    *GASP* !!! Omg omg they're beautiful! /me faints
    You'll have to tell me what time tomorrow, so I can wait outside the door! lol

  2. Wow! That skin is gorgeous. I can't wait >.<

  3. Sasy ScarboroughOctober 16, 2008

    The highlights on that face are amazing , I feel that if I touched your cheek I would end up with make up on the tip of my finger, and I mean that in a fantastic way, its so creamy looking Yay you

    xox Sasy xox