October 20, 2008

::::: I celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday. Well, not really celebrate, I admit I haven't thrown a party for my birthday since I was 19 or so. But I still felt like doing SOMEthing, so I had marked down one random item to 34 lindens in each of my store locations currently in my picks for one day only, and dropped a notice to my update group.
A madhouse ensued. People congratulating me, thanking me, spanking me, sending presents. I did not expect such an overwhelming reaction and was truly moved by it all. So thank you all for this! You really made my birthday the most special one since 1993. Hahahaha!

I wanted to also give an update about what's in the works. Still coming are new makeups for the Elizabeth skinline, new tones and makeups for the Meredith skinline, custom nailpolishes and glitchgloves for wearing prim nails, more makeups for the Sumi skinline, fun new clothing items, shoes and bags, a newbie center, and a fun trivia game with which you can win exclusive items.
Doing the best I can with only two hands, haha, so for now, enjoy the Halloween spirit in Journey! (try the candy from the cauldron... it's very interesting what sugar can do...)

If you want to be the first to hear about my crazy stunts like mentioned above, and receive previews of new items and freebies, join my update group =D


  1. and all by Thursday, 3 p.m., if you please.

    Seriously, you have set yourself a huge agenda. Don't forget to save some time for FUN!!!

  2. Thank you for the hunt yesterday, Tuli, the skins and clothes are so beautiful. :)

    Its rather amazing how many skin lines you gave gone through lately. ;) You almost need a gallery showing the various generations, especially now that they're not numbered any longer. For historical purposes and all. ;)

    Freyja Nemeth

  3. Hey Tuli! Just passed by to say Happy Birthday! And keep up the great work! ;)

  4. was this for one dy only? because I didnt get the chance on monday(Work) so i went to one of your stores yesterday(tuesday) and found nothing, just wondering as I miss out on a lot because of work.