October 26, 2008

::::: I've added new items to Sumi's Corner! Jeans, sweaters, cute tops, shoes, and 3 new makeups for the skin line.
Sumi likes everything comfy, cute and cuddly, and it shows in the things she makes. She loves customizing clothes at home, adding patches and thingies, sewing parts together to make a unique look, glueing bows to shoes... Two of her homemade bags are still available in the lucky chair (but not for long), they're really cute and PINK!

With these new items she played it safe (I think she's afraid people won't like her more crazy work) but I've peeked into her room and it looks as though she's working on some more daring stuff. Give her some encouragement!
You can find Sumi's Corner in the right half of the main store, in the back corner near the door to Tesla and Ivalde.

Sumi's new things


  1. Sumi is so girlie and I love her to bits! <3

  2. Weet je dat ik maar 18 km van jou vandaan woon!