July 6, 2008

::::: Second Life Studio's first show was a success! The set was beautiful, the models were beautiful, the atmosphere was great and the sim was PACKED. Thanks to everyone who came, and huge thanks to the ladies of SLS: Elysium Eilde, Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell. You are a joy to work with.
Check out the
SLS blog for some awesome pictures! There was also a look book made with the pictures, I am putting it under the tree in my main store so you can take a look =) Just click it to browse it.

I made 4 new makeups for my Emily skin to coordinate with Decoy's featured outfits at the show, and liked them so much that I am releasing them. They are named after 4 ladies who were involved in the show, Annette, Asuka, Feles and Halfpint. Available at my main store right now. Hope you like them!


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