July 14, 2008

::::: I have been quiet, but not without reason. Here's a preview of works in progress! As they are still being worked on, there is no release date yet. More info soon.



  1. wow! they look more mature. <3

  2. Oh wow they look wonderful, again I'm in love with the mouth, especially on the left. Can't wait for the release :).

  3. Love these two hairstyles! Can't wait to buy them!

    Chimera Cosmos

    P.S. I have your Ariana shape and love that too.

  4. I think they look really wonderful, Tuli :)

    I love nudemakeups and such. :)

    The hairs look nice as well.. :) Mind if I ask where from?

  5. Hi, Tuli

    It's just PLAIN AWESOME! I can tell you, because I'm in SL for a loooong time. Plain Awesome!


  6. Tuli, I hopehopehope these skins will also be available in darker tones - or perhaps something for the avs who prefer dark skins in the near future.

    Your work is great, as always.

  7. Go Tuli Go Tuli! The new lips looks fantastic! Keep up the good work <333

  8. AnonymousJuly 14, 2008

    oh woooow

    you just keep to wow me, i am such a big fan of yours and i could sit and stare at those pictures forever.
    i love your talent

  9. Those are just gorgeous Tuli!

  10. Marianne LittleJuly 22, 2008

    The mouths look a lot like the Nikki Dogtown skins. I've waited for a skin like that without the beat-up look. It's great to use "Gash" and "Grief" for some pictures, but I can't wait to see these skins!!!!

    My fav skins: Emily coal and sultry, and Nikki.

  11. <3!!!!!

    I just showed them to some folks who aren't in SL and they were blown away by the detail. Very well done, Tuli. :-)