February 7, 2008

::::: There was a 2-hour delay because SL punished me for waiting too long to upload and make demo skins, but the S5 skins are finally released =)

There are 7 skin tones to choose from, each with a variety of makeups from natural to dramatic.
More makeups are in the making!

Each makeup has a choice of 3 variations, a single is L$ 1000, and the pack with all 3 variations is L$ 2000.
That's buy 2 get 3 ;) So if you like 2 out of 3, don't miss out on the third one free and get the pack!

(the first 2 shapes used in the following pic are by me, the other shapes used are from Lemon)

S5 skins

I have also made 2 mod/copy shapes available which are made specifically for the S5 skins. You can purchase these and tinker to your heart's content =) They also include the eyes used in the ad as a bonus.


All this is available at my main store in Le Zoo (SLurl).


  1. Absolutely beautiful! If you are taking suggestions, I would love to see Rebel with freckles (I always want freckles:D).

  2. You did a superb job again. I just love this line of skins....I want to wear a different one every day. It was seeing you at the store and can't wait to see the additional makeups....I will have to think about any ideas I may have as you seem to have covered such a wide spectrum. Also the YouTube link you gave me was HILARIOUS!!!

  3. Absolutely adore the new skins, Tuli. Fantastic work, as usual. :) Way to go.

  4. PoulepondeuseFebruary 10, 2008

    I have to agree with Cierra, I miss the freckles I had on S4... Although, I'm not over with the demo trying ons yet
    Love the asian