February 24, 2008

::::: Just a little update ^^ I'm toying with a new skin, well at least the face part, and lining out some clothing ideas. I'm somewhat lacking inspiration though... actually, more like, everything seems to have been done before and too often I see new clothing on the blogs that are somewhat similar or have similar detail to something I had lined out. I'm not sure if I am alone in this, but I am pretty nervous about making clothes nowadays for this reason.

What if someone recently also made a design like this or used this and that design idea and will start yelling I copy them? I know I shouldn't care, as long as *I* know I didn't copy anything, I mean, with hundreds maybe thousands of people making clothes it's stupid to think that only one of them could come up with a certain idea, but it still bothers me and kept me from finishing anything lately. Well, I'll get over it, LOL. Soon I hope, because the clothing fair is coming up and I want to have something new there =)

i needz to get over it!

i needz to get over it!


  1. oh my gosh! Tuli! I was just saying this exact thing to Creamy last night.

    I'm finding myself very paranoid in creating anything.

    I think the thing I've come to decide is style is a style, but what to me is a no-no to copy is something like a texture using for that style. I mean, if I make a sweater, and you make a sweater. The sweaters will be different, shading and highlights, wrinkle placement, prim or no prim attachments etc.

    Make what you feel like making. I've been struggling with this on the hair front. What if one of my styles is something similar to someone else.. will I be dragged out into the town square, tarred and feathered and lambasted! At the end of the day, this IS a place we are meant to enjoy

    Make what makes you happy, hair, clothes skins. If its YOURS that you made. Your textures your work.. your time spent stylizing it to your satisfaction and idea.

    Then its yours.

    I think all this commotion about 'theft' needs to be controlled and held in cheque.

    Content theft is taking someones property they MADE and reselling it as your own. Its not creating something that maybe almost kinda looks like something someone else did sometime.

    The difference has been getting blurred alot lately. :(

    Make what makes you feel good Tuli. Because then it is bound to be something wonderful

  2. hiyaz Tuli :), in fact, i am having the same thought as you lately, i am worry about doing more new stuff; or even scared of it right now.

    To be honest, i think everyone has their own way of manipulating their own ideas and transform them into exact in-world garments; plus you have your very own distinctive style, so i dont see anything you should be worry about.

    In some cases, people accuse others of copying is just because of jealousy and their weird randomness. So as Valryn says, do what you feel like making, you are doing your own thing in your own way.

    If you think the idea is a bit similar then twist it a bit to the other way :D You dont have to make something that is exactly the same as your draft, even a little change might make ur design even more interesting,design is all fun :D

    Dont think outside the box, because they is no box :D --> If you know what i mean.

  3. Get over it, pwease! Your work will always have your unique touch. It could be similar to someone else's even though I don't think that is possible...

    Totally agree with Valryn!!

  4. Push through :) I have heard this a lot lately, but your work is truly valued.

  5. There is a big difference between a well established content creator (like you!)designs, and some no-name-noobie-created-yesterday-designs. I learned when I came to SL over 2 years ago, reputation in SL is everything. That's all I am going to say about that! Hop to it Tuli! :)

  6. *humps* yeah, it does seem like all that there is to be done has been...but let me knock you over the head a couple of times. maybe that'll get you some new ideas xoxo

  7. T - You are amazing and a true desing artist. I loved that first makeup you showed me (purple) and think it's unique and very TULIesque which is what everyone loves about you. You are you and your product is quality and beautiful and fun. For inspiration, page through magazines, look outside your window, walk down the streets, people watch at the airport or somewhere busy and obscure. Surf the web for fashion in RL...it will come to I'm sure of that. Can't wait for clothing fair. <3

  8. sissy!!!!

    OMG, we've talked about this before, and you know last year i held back way too much stuff cuz of that very reason, but NOW... it's pretty much all been done... and i HOPE you won't stop.

    someone i was talking to about his very thing said, "caLLie YOU might think it's like so and so's or... BUT... i see a difference in how all the designers do things. so JUST do it!" and i was like... 'ya right..'

    i had to do this fashion show last week or the week before, and i had NO time to make new stuff, so i went sorta mod crazy and did make ONE new little line of stuff that i was SOOO excited to get out... then... the next week, after being done with my ads... someone im'd me and said... OH i saw your dresses on the feed but i can't find them..

    i was like... huh??? i didn't put them out... so i looked on the feed and saw a VERY similar dress... NOT copied (mine wasn't like this big original style in the first place) but i was like, "CRAP" am i gonna get accused of stealing this now????

    GRRRRRRRR... so in my inventory it sits... and it's so frustrating....

    now they DID film the show last tuesday so when that video comes out, it will show i had those made, (should i be accused) but are we REALLY getting to that as a community?

    gosh i hope not....

    i hope we can inspire each other... and believe the best... cuz you know... NO ONE does "you" like you do sissy... so if it's jeans a shirt, a gown whatever... your stuff has your touch on it...

    so make stuff!!!!

    and i'm gonna take my own advice, hahaha, and put out stuff and make more...

    OMG on that note... like 2 months ago i made a dress called "le fleur" and now there's like "fleurs" everywhere, hahaha, i was tempted to change it, but i'm NOT gonna... lol

    ok i'm blabbing... but glad you brought this up sissy... i was too chicken to.


    p.s. in all my babbling, i was trying to just say... just do what you do... cuz no one does you like you do and you rock!