February 5, 2008

::::: Got some pretty heavy meds for the throat infection from the doc so I sleep most of the time. NOT good, since I still need to upload vendor pics and demo textures, make vendors and demo skins and do the vendor packing O_o. Aaaaahhh!

Photo number 4 by Elysium Eilde of [ida] and a reminder that tomorrow at noon SL time the S3 and S4 skins will be taken down.

(click on photo to see larger size)


  1. I am getting so excited for the release! Will there finally be something to pry the S2 from my face? No brown brows make me a wee bit nervous. I am happy to see the redhead in the last ad. Heard I have a little group gifty to try...does a little wiggly happy dance, Logging on now to check it out.

  2. [ida] models l-r: Fifi Noel, Isabella Sittingbull, Bex Hathaway and Ai Heinrich (sorry if I spelled that wrong Ai, I'm not home and can't check SL for reference!)
    I need to thank these ladies for their patience and positive attitudes here. You may be posing like bishes but you were a pleasure to work with!

  3. Seren MoraneFebruary 06, 2008

    Thank you for the gorgeous preview for the group! I have been all antsy waiting to see them up close, after all the pretty pics on the blogs. Can't wait for the release and hope you feel better soon.