December 6, 2007

::::: Ok, ok, I guess I can't ignore it. I've been tagged by Ana Lutetia and Chica Indigo.
Here are 8 facts you didn't need to know about me. I hope you're happy now. *huffs* =P

1 -- The left side of my body is weaker than my right side, something went wrong in foetus state or something, resulting in all sorts of small problems like the lense of my left eye is dead, my left ear seems permanently filled with cotton, my left knee is painful every day, missing a bone in my left foot, weak left ankle. I'm just hoping my left brain is ok, but you never know. I am a bit wonky and have several mental disorders. I'm not crazy though. I think.

2 -- I get along way better with men than women. I grew up around men and my dad's soccer club, and was a Tomboy who played with barbies (mostly they were beating eachother up) and lego both. I've always loved pink and Hello Kitty (still have a soft spot for her) but didn't like wearing dresses. I was the only girl wearing pants at my communion, haha. I still do not trust women easily, and in SL I often find out that the women I really like are actually men in rl, LOL. And no, I'm not lesbian.

3 -- I feel a deep connection with animals, in a lot of ways they mean more to me than humans. I live with one cat though I wish I could invite more to my studio apartment but I don't have the room. I fear once I am able to afford a house I will make it into a zoo.

4 -- I LOVE to eat, and I can eat when I am not even hungry and thoroughly enjoy it. Which is the reason I have been struggling with my weight for years. Speaking of food, I love chocolate, but am allergic to it. The slightest bite gives me painful pimples. Ironic, eh?

5 -- I'm a Gater.

6 -- I once got SO drunk that I completely lost my memory of that day/night, since then I have never really drank anymore.

7 -- I could sing pretty well until I started smoking. Downhill from there. Luckily I'm a skilled ballroom dancer, so I do have one artistic talent left, although I quit just once I was certified for national championships. I hope to someday pick it up again. Cha cha cha, baby.

8 -- I sadly lack self confidence, only since a few years have I been able to accept compliments, even though they still make me feel uncomfortable, and learned to acknowledge in a way the talents I possess. I detest people who blow their own horn every chance they get.

I'm not "tagging" anyone, seems everyone I know, slightly know, or heard of have already been tagged.


  1. We are very similar I LOVE cats, have two: Yuqui and Agatha. I'm a chocoholic, and theres nothing that can stop me eating it lol, I also like mexican food and specially guacamole and jalapeño peppers ;p and I love Daughtry!!! He deserved to win AI! As you I dont trust much women in SL I keep receiving lesbian invitations and totally hate that cause I straight maried and very happy, ufff. Anyway Thanks for letting us know more about the person behind the wonderful designs of Tuli, I enjoy very much reading about you! :-)

  2. *BIG HUG* and a box of chocolats (imagine the finest ;-)), cause you 're beautiful!! <333