December 4, 2007

::::: Apologies for being a day late with announcing the winners of the S4 shape contest!

First of all, thank you everyone for burying me in shapes, I never expected this much enthusiasm! I was overwhelmed!
It's been tough choosing 10 winners, I had to go through all the shapes several times.
I am not really good at making choices, I want cake and eat it too.

There were several things I looked for in a shape. Proportions, quirkiness, attractiveness, face, first impression. Note that my personal taste heavily influenced which shapes I ended up choosing.
A shape I would personally not prefer, could be beautiful to someone else and vice versa.
Please don't hate me if you are not one of the winners, it doesn't mean your shape was ugly or wrong in any way, but in the end I had to stick to 10 people.

Here are the 10 winners I finally managed to choose in no particular order:

Reeann Frost
Evariel Evelyn
Rin Kjeller
Smenkare Decuir
Bree Cazalet
Surarin Piek
Saba Horan
Zesje Sixgallery
Alexxis Laszlo
Cherie Parker

Congratulations! I've sent you all a notecard with information on how we'll proceed.

I can't predict when the winning shapes will be available since I have to coordinate with 10 people on this, but hopefully end of this week =)

The winners will determine their own prices and permissions, receive all the L$, fill and place the vendors, and will do their own customer service, the only thing I will be involved in is making the vendor ads to get a uniform look in the store and making the space available.

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