December 2, 2007

::::: I'm honored to have my new main store at the newly opened Le Zoo sim. Yes, you guessed it, it's a zoo slash shopping area, so we feel right at home! Thank you Lana and Haver for having me, and thank you Pushbutton for hitting me up with a cool custom building! *hugs*

In celebration of the opening of the Le Zoo sim I've put out some prezzies under the tree, so go check out the Tuli exhibit at the zoo =P Do not feed the designers, when hungry they bite! (or at least munch)

P.S. While grabbing the tree presents check out my new releases Lana and Push =)

PUSH credits: hair by ETD and HCT, shoes by Shiny Things

LANA (warm colors) credits: hair by ETD and Truth, shoes by Shiny Things, necklace by Muse

LANA (cool colors) credits: hair by ETD and Truth, shoes by Shiny Things, necklace by Muse


  1. Your releases just get better and better. It makes me fear the day when you take another long break from content creating. DON'T you DARE. Great work as always and I can't wait to snag the freebies AND buy the new stuff too.

  2. Lana is awesome! It's chic and hip at the same time :)

  3. thanks for the lovely gifts at your shop and i looove the Push Outfitt yay

  4. You've got tagged! Hope you will find this amusing. If not, ignore it.

  5. I absolutely love the recent releases, great job on them. BTW, you been tagged! To know more about the tag game just visit my recent post at my blog: It will be great to know more about the person behind such a great SL store! :-) Have a super nice day!

  6. Lana *IS* awesome! LOL!! So is PUSH! *giggle*

    omg Tuli, you so so rock and I'm so so so happy we've stayed in touch over the (years? oh god) in the crazy SL world and that you've come to Le Zoo to hang with us!!! I'm sooo excited about all the awesomeness we're gonna do comin' up!

    xo Lana & Haver