December 16, 2007

::::: The Muse sim is opening its doors today, and in a little celebration I released a new dress for sale with a free unreleased skin included. It's only available at my Muse Plaza store today and monday, after that the dress will be available also at my other stores, but without the skin.

The makeup on this skin is imperfect on purpose and is a bit of an experiment. I saw a movie about Jack the Ripper and the ladies of the night of that era seemed to have a rather odd way of painting their lips and darkening their eyes, since they had little money. The result was like this skin. In its own weird way this raw and makeshift makeup has its beauty and appeal (for me at least), and could go well with a worn victorian or steampunk, or even cyberpunk look. Or just for plain trashyness hehe =)

(Hair by Tami McCoy, choker by lassitude & Ennui)

I have also released new makeups for the S4 skin line, "intrigue".
They are available at my stores in Le Zoo, Plush Rho as well as Muse.
There are 4 makeups for each tone, and each makeup box includes 8 skins.
(Dark and brown eyebrows, colored and nude lips, with and without freckles)

Please see the picks in my profile for teleports ^^

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  1. I love the Caliah dress. So posh with a little bit of spice :) Thanks for the free skin with the fatpack!