November 14, 2007

::::: I released a new outfit and the first packs of the new series 4 skin line!

The new outfit is called "Ana" and includes sculpted sleeves and all the necessary versions and layers to wear the jacket and pants together as well as separately. Available in 3 colors. An exclusive color of this outfit was distributed in my update group =)

(shoes by Shiny Things, hair by Armidi (left+right) and ETD (center), skin is series 4 sunkissed)

I have also set out the first makeups of the series 4 skin line. Four lip colors are available in four skintones. Each lipcolor pack includes a bare eyes version and a smokey eyes version, and the shape used in the advertisements as a bonus.
There are fatpacks available which include the four lipcolors and are priced to give you the fourth color free.
Free demos are also available.

S4 skins


  1. I just found your website, so I thought I'd come and say thanks for the "Ana Earth" group freebie, which has become my favourite set of clothes :)

    Your other freebies have been beautifully made too - your clothes are as good as any I've seen in SL, and I'm very grateful to be a member of your group.

    Thanks Tuli :)

    <3 Kie Jinn