November 19, 2007

::::: As I look around at my fellow avatars I see so much variety and originality in shapes, that I decided to make a contest around it in a sort of celebration of SL beauty.

Here's the deal: from today until december 2nd, I invite you to develop up to 2 shapes custom made for my S4 skins, and send it to me no mod/no copy/yes transfer. Name it "S4 shape (your full name)", if you have 2 shapes you want to submit name them "S4 shape (your full name) 1" and "S4 shape (your full name) 2". Let me know if you want your shape(s) returned to you after the contest. The creator name HAS to be either your own name, or "(unknown)" which happens if you use the LL default shape as a starter.
Note that you yourself have to have full perms on the shapes you send in. Read on to find out why.

On monday december 3rd I will announce the 10 winning shapes and their creators. The shapes will be available for sale in the []::Tuli::[] main store a few days later, all proceeds will go to their creators. If you already run a shape shop, you can include your landmark. You may determine your own permissions and price, but please keep it fair. Any clearly unreasonable pricing and/or content will result in having your vendor(s) removed from the store permanently.
For all this to be able to work, the creators have to have their shapes with full perms themselves, otherwise you won't be able to sell it to multiple people.
Note that the winning creators will have to join a group to be able to place their shapes up for sale. They can leave it after that if they wish.
The shapes will be for sale no shorter than until january 1st, after that the winners can decide if they want to keep them for sale in my store longer, and I will make the ads to use.

Good luck! ^^

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