October 28, 2007

::::: The new building is open for business, although it's still somewhat bare. It houses most of the existing designs, some were retired. I have redone most of my gowns and released 2 new designs which were featured in the Divine Intervention fashion event.


VERONICA is a set which includes a sweater with prim cuffs and turtleneck, matching tights, capris with prim flares and a prim flexi skirt. It's available in 3 colors.
The skirt is in 3 parts of which the pelvis part is optional.


CASSANDRA is a gown with both retro and modern influences and includes 2 bodices, glitchpants, glitchskirt, flexi skirt and choker. It's available in 3 colors.

I am also introducing the new skinline (series 3). 4 skintones (pale, light, medium and tan) and so far 12 makeups each. Free demos of all makeups in all skintones available. Shapes specifically made for this line coming soon!

Series 3 skins


  1. Congrats on the new build. Can't wait to check it out in world.

  2. Oooh the new skins are gorgeous! Getting better every time..:))

  3. These skins look gorgeous! I will have to get off my fat pregnant bottom and log in!

  4. eeeeeeeeee new clothes :D I love that tan plaid :) and pants too! Thank you :D

  5. eeeeeeeeeeee! This is marvelous :) I love the new releases, especially the corset and the tweed pants :)

  6. yay sissy!!!

    you're so so so talented!!!