October 24, 2007

::::: I know, I know, I have been terribly silent. I have been busy with RL issues, don't you just hate it when that happens! I have to fix the new demo skins and load up all the vendors and then it's good to go! If I can stop trying to make more makeups >_<; before the skins are even OUT.
I am hoping to open on my 2-year-rezday this friday... *fingers crossed*

I am way behind on all the new releases on the grid as well, ack! And... someone pointed me towards this article in NWN by Iris Ophelia and I was a bit shocked but honored she put me in the top 10 of sl fashion designers who should go real.
Quirkiness FTW!!

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  1. congratz!! I am so happy for you. <3

    (more makeups? wow!!)