October 7, 2007

::::: My computer is fixed, I'm back! Yay!! A new graphics card and power supply did the trick.
After I posted that I had issues and couldn't be in SL for 2 days but still had access to internet and email, my computer went poof completely. Wouldn't start up anymore. Let me just say I watched a LOT of movies these last 2 days hahaha!

But pfew I'm so glad it's working again... I'm such a nerd...
The Divine Intervention show went well I hear, and I can't wait for all the pics!
I had 2 unreleased designs in the show that I will be making more colors of.
Anyway, back to work on my new skinline and new store building! The building is not spectacular and is not gonna be huge, but it looks cute and will give everyone more room to shop =)