April 4, 2014

::::: It has come to my attention that the cleavage layers included in the Radiance skin packs are INCORRECT, and the Lolas tango appliers for Radiance Jade and Zoe did not match.
I have stocked the vendors with the right products today.

If you have previously purchased a skin and/or Lolas Tango applier from the Radiance range, please drop by the store and pick up your free correct cleavage layers for all Radiance skins, and Lolas Tango appliers for Radiance Jade and Zoe. I hope I did it right this time, if not, please poke me, I don't bite!
My apologies for this oversight (I am very human indeed ^o^).

P.S.  The Slink appliers for the Radiance range is 99% done, I expect they will be available sometime this weekend.