August 18, 2010

::::: The Iconically Sexy Shopping District, home to ICON magazine and TOO SEXY magazine, is having a summer hunt from THURSDAY AUGUST 19 until TUESDAY AUGUST 31, and yours truly is participating with an exclusive Audrey makeup.

Lists of participating stores in the shopping district are available at these locations (which also put you in the shopping district ready to go!):
SLurl 1
SLurl 2
SLurl 3

Iconically Sexy summer hunt 2010

The skin I've set out will not be available after the hunt. You have plenty of time, so don't panic if you can't teleport or if lag is slowing everything to a crawl. (Though leaving your primmy hair and scripted attachments at home helps!) Don't let yourself get annoyed or frustrated, just try later. Have fun =)

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