May 28, 2010

::::: The new skin line "Jade" is now available at the main store!


Jade has characteristics from the Eva and Hope skin lines, with a softer shaded body and less saturated skin tones for an overall smoother and matte look which goes particularly well (in my opinion) with subtler handdrawn fashion. (Note: the skin tones do NOT correspond with Eva's or Hope's tones.)
There are 5 skin tones with 10 makeups each to choose from, although if you don't want to choose there are fatpacks of all 10 makeups for the price of 5.
Included are 3 cleavage options (small, medium and big chest) and 3 eyebrow colours.

Tone 1 has some different makeups and eyebrow colours than the other tones, as I made it with alternative styles (gothic, fantasy, cyber/punk) in mind.

Also for sale are 3 custom shapes for the Jade skin line to start you off, and a set of sparkly pastel eyes.

Free demos for the skins and shapes are available. Please do take your time and try them first to make sure of what you like! Recommended windlight settings are included.

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