May 2, 2009

::::: The new skin line "Faith" will be released tomorrow, sunday May 3. (or maybe later today... you never know with me =P)
She will be available in 3 skin tones, with 10 makeups each. I might work on more tones if there are a lot of requests.

Alexxis and Kira are working on shapes for Faith, and knowing them they will be HOT!

Other news: I have made new vendors to make the overall look in the store less chaotic, and leave room for MORE skins!
Pricing has changed also, in your favour! ;) Any size wallet can find something in their price range now, and if you look well, there are freebies for everyone to be had as well.
Also, the black wallpaper is gone, replaced by a fresh apple green wallpaper. The place needed some sprucing up for spring ^^

Grab the lucky chair items if you want them, I will be putting new items in very soon (long overdue, lol)


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