February 13, 2009

::::: Unless you've been under a rock, you'll have noticed the bushfire tragedy enfolding in Australia.
Many content creators are now donating proceeds of special products to the Australian Red Cross in support. And that includes me.
I made a fat chair with 5 poses I custom made for this chair. For upholstery I picked 2 aboriginal art fabrics, and texture change cushions. Available at my main store in Journey. I'm not gonna show you the poses, you'll have to try them in store yourself =P
100% of the proceeds of these chairs go to the Australian Red Cross.

Please consider donating by buying a special product from any of the content creators contributing, you'll get a fun product in return!
See Kota Buck's list of participating content creators.

If you'd rather donate directly, have questions, need a donation box or a proceeds donation vendor, contact Autumn Hykova.

Bushfire Relief chairs

On another note, I am sorry if my blog has been spamming the feeds, I needed to redesign and republish my blog...

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