February 2, 2009

::::: Thank you for everyone who took the time to vote on the poll.
71% of voters preferred more lip color options per makeup, 29% preferred more eyebrow color options per makeup. Total votes received: 187.

It's very hard to please everyone, and personally, I prefer more eyebrow color options, as I often switch haircolors to suit my mood.
Someone mentioned tintable eyebrows. However, I have not been able to create them with a satisfying level of preserved detail, plus I am weary of selling skins with modify permissions. Call me paranoid or silly, but it's how I feel at the moment.

Seeing the poll results, I am thinking I should balance the options a single makeup offers.
Right now I am leaning towards offering a makeup in 2 eyebrow colors, 2 lip colors and freckled versions for the new skin. Maybe have separate vendors for light brown/darkbrown brow makeups and redhead/black brow makeups.
I'm trying to balance my workload with customer wishes, and for me, that's not an easy thing to do. I am not a full time creator here, nor is this my primary "job", although I do take my creations seriously, work hard on them and am proud of them.

The new female skin now has a completely redesigned torso and I have been using more photosourcing in combination with drawing than ever before. I am still changing small things here and there while looking into the skintone options.
The male skin is almost done, however I am having some problems with facial hair. Dude, what a nightmare for some reason. Ugh.
Don't ask for release dates, I have none until I am completely satisfied I did all I can do with my current skills!
I'll keep you posted!


  1. Freyja NemethFebruary 02, 2009

    I also tend to prefer more eyebrow options, since a different lipcolour can usually be obtained by getting a different makeup, but if its just one brow colour then you can't get another.

    Having to include too many variations with each skin is a real pain for creators too ... so I would probably lean towards just offering different options with different lines. Its impossible to please everyone anyhow. :)

    Now, if LL does get around to those extra facial layers, it might get a little easier.

  2. While it doesn't effect any of the other reasons not to go with tintable eyebrows- generally eyebrows can be tinted with hair bases and the skin itself can be no mod (the eyebrow covers a large area if you go for maximum unibrow).

  3. Thanks Allegory, I never even thought about trying that! I'll have to look into that.