October 11, 2008

::::: With the opening of Journey, I released 2 new skin lines, Meredith (named after miss Kallisto Destiny) and Sumi.
The two lines are very different, with Meredith I experimented more with photosources than I usually do, and Sumi is more in my familiar style.

Meredith is currently available in 3 skintones, each with a choice of 5 makeups with 4 eyebrow colors. There will be more tones and makeups!
Sumi is available in 4 skintones, each with a choice of 3 makeups with 4 eyebrow colors. More makeups coming =)
As usual, free demos are also available.

I can show you ad pics, but honestly, nobody does my skins better justice than the people who fall in love with them and make them pretty. So instead, I am giving you links to their own photos wearing the new skins. Enjoy!
(links open in a new window)

Asuka Martin (wearing Meredith)

Annette Voight (wearing Sumi)

Kallisto Destiny (wearing Meredith)

Yse Ah (wearing Meredith)

Clarabelle Cazalet and Pyper Dollinger (wearing Meredith)

Cajsa Lilliehook (wearing Sumi)

Imogen Miklos (wearing Meredith)

Clarabelle Cazalet (wearing Meredith)

Imogen Miklos (wearing Meredith), Halfpint Pennell (wearing Sumi), Valeria Pienaar (wearing Elizabeth)

and hummmmmm... it appears there is another Queen Tuli... and I must admit, she is way more beautiful and regal then this one! XD
Queen Tuli

If you wear skins by Tuli, and have pictures, please consider posting them in the TULI flickr group! I'd love to see how you look! *click!*

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