October 4, 2008

::::: October 10 is rushing towards me, and I still have a zillion things to finish... Events are being organized, and it promises to be a great opening weekend! As soon as I have the final schedule I will post it.

Next to a new skinline called Sumi, I am also working on Meredith, a skinline that is very different (at least in my opinion) from my other skin work. I experimented more with photosourcing for the face, and so far the results are interesting. I think you'll either hate it, or love it. Here's a little preview.


While waiting for the list of events, I can however proudly announce the designers who have joined me on my sim, some of my personal favorites! (cause really, this sim is all about ME hahaha)
Here they are in no particular order:

~Flirt~ by Skinkie Winkler (jewelry)
Step Up by Cheyn Lane (animations and poses)
Violet Voltaire by Violet Voltaire (jewelry)
Amerie's Naughty by Amerie Spitteler (clothing)
Untone by Cocomitsu Mayo (accessories)
Diversity Hair by Aleri Darkes (hair)
Alchemy by Constanza Volare (clothing)
Ume Mode by Ume Shan (accessories and clothing)
Vitamin Ci by Ciera Bergman (clothing)
Sprawl by Pushbutton Skolnick (clothing and accessories)
Curio Hair by Rita Groshomme (hair)
G-Field by Cerberus Noel (accessories, clothing, shoes, furniture)
Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarus (clothing)
Dernier Cri by Asuka Martin (hair and clothing)
Bohica by Samandahl Constantine (poses)
Tesla by Tesla Miles (shoes)
Ivalde by Neferia Abel (clothing)
[NOP] by Neko Felisimo (clothing)
Kiana Dulce by Kiana Dulce (clothing)
Attitudes by Samia Bechir (lingerie)

It's gonna be great!!!! <3


  1. OMG, That skin is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i love it soooooooo much Tuli, you make amazing skins and it's getting better and better!!!! great job

  3. The mall sounds great, you covered most of my picks in one place! :)