September 15, 2008

::::: Experience the Passions of Black Swan at a very special fashion show presented by Rezzable. Some of Second Life's finest designers created fashions inspired by the Black Swan sim and Timeless Modeling Agency will show them off in style this Monday, September 15th, at 12 PM SL. Designers include:

Forda Fairlane (Haute Style & Co.)
Callie Cline (caLLie cLine)
Nebulosus Severine (Night-Ghast)
Tuli Asturias (Tuli)
Ivey Deschanel (Sn@tch)
AvaGardner Kungler (Kungler Design)
Raven PennyFeather (House of RFYRE)
Clio Cardiff (Clio -pret a porter-)
Layja Vidor (Exxess Designs)
HauntedZuzu Sorbet (Haunted Zuzu)
Violet Voltaire (Violet Voltaire)
Kouse Singh (Kouse's Sanctum)
Neferia Abel (Ivalde)
Aemilia Case (Philotic Energy)
Munchflower Zaius (Nomine)
Rouge Darcy (Rebel Xtravaganza)
Jonny Dusk (5ifth Order)
Samsara Nishi (Sam's Secret Boutique)

With an all-star lineup like this, you won't want to miss it! More information about this event can be found on the
Rezzable blog.

And here's a preview of my contribution:

Black Swan

(I get sooo many questions about the origin of this hair. The hair is actually drawn manually by an artist who sells her work, here's where I bought it: Click!)


  1. Hey.. which hair is that??

  2. -laughs- I'm so glad I'm not the only one who went hunting for it! :)

    The whole shot is lovely Tuli :)

  3. Tuli, your skin is awesome !!!

  4. Tuli, your skin is AWESOME !!!

  5. Violaine VillotaSeptember 15, 2008

    The skin looks beautiful!!!!
    And that hair! Darn, I was so excited thinking it might be a hair on the grid. I've always wanted a hair with a soft natural hairline like that.... someone make one please!

  6. Lizbeth SaenzSeptember 15, 2008

    Absolutelyfreakingorgeous!!! Yes, I know it's one word, that how fabulous you look. Details! When will this skin be available?

    And I love, love, love the hair. Were you able to make it a hair in SL, or did you just edit it and added it afterwards?