September 13, 2008

::::: As my sim nears completion and a party is being organised, I need to set a date for the opening. That date is friday October 10. God willing, and LL willing. lol

I have 6 market carts in the center, which I decided will be featuring items by newish/smaller designers of shoes, hair and/or accessories. Each cart can have 20 prims.
If you are a new designer or just have a small shop inventory and wish to take advantage of having your items displayed for free, drop me a notecard inworld with your name, a description of what you sell, 1-5 photos and of course your landmark.

I can't honor every single request obviously, and I will try but might not be able to answer each and every one, so please forgive me for this, if you are not selected this time, you can request again when I refresh the featured designers!

Note: if you are selected you will have to join a group to be able to place your items.

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