June 9, 2008

::::: OK, I apologize beforehand, because this has nothing to do with SL or fashion. Well, almost nothing, as you'll see in a bit. It has to do with the UEFA European Soccer Championship 2008 held in Austria and Switzerland this month.

When there's a soccer tournament like the world championship or european championship, our entire country (Holland) goes nuts. Young and old, rich and poor, men and women. People decorate their homes with orange flags and whatnots, dress in orange, feuds and arguments are forgotten, strangers talk to eachother, and streets are deserted when our national team is playing. You could say soccer is our national sport, it always brings us together and Holland has always brought forth very good players.

Since 1988 (our most glorious and perfect championship ever imo) however, I find that the chemistry and teamplay has been suffering more and more. A lot of players earn way too much money and fancy themselves more important than the team as a whole, but that's just my opinion, don't kill me now.
Anyway, here's an example of how crazy us dutchies can get during these championships.

(in case you're wondering, why orange, and why a lion: Van Oranje which is our royal family's traditional last name means "of orange", and the lion is on our royal crest, and in that way our national symbol and mascotte.)

I made some Holland supporter wear, so if you're dutch, or just want to show support to our national team, go pick it up for FREE at my main store in Le Zoo! Ehm, you know me... female only... Well, the neckscarf can be worn by males =)
You know what? If Holland plays even or wins against Italy tonight, I will make some for males.
Hup Holland Hup!

p.s. if you are interested in the UEFA European Soccer Championship, or just want to keep an eye on the score, visit the official site

ok, Holland has beaten the current world champion Italy with a humiliating 3-0. That means I will be making more orange supporter's wear, yes and male stuff too! And look at these cwazy people xD



  1. Guess it's the same everywhere. Around here there are tons of national flags (in houses, in cars,...).

  2. I suppose you will have to start making men's gear now... ;-)

    Congrats to Holland! (Yes, I'm German, but frankly, for me, the German team isn't much to write home about...)

  3. ROFL.. nutter.... you're right tho.. orange does something to us.

  4. Based on that result, you may have to make an orange skin as well.

    Actually, I'd wear that.

  5. Yay congrats Holland! That was an awesome game.

  6. It's not the same in England, where everyone is pretending very hard that they enjoy it anyway and aren't just sulking, oh no. :D But then I am vastly unpatriotic when it comes to my bratty national team and am just glad to be able to watch the football in relative peace...

  7. /me looks at Miriam's comment...
    Hell yeah... I would definitely wear an orange Emily skin ;)

    Didn't saw the game but I heard that Holland kicked Italy

  9. Sorry to "invade" your blog but i'm really happy that the Netherlands won. I don't even care that much about football but i was screaming my lungs out for the Netherlands (i'm a portuguese who got a chance to live in that awesome country filled with amazing people and got left with fond memories of it).I'll be supporting the Netherlands 'til the end (or at least until a match with Portugal hehe). Congrats again and hope to see you in the final!

  10. DRIE NUL!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!~!!!! So happy LOL. I love your gear Tuli..gonna get myself a pack too :D We must watch a game together one time (or how that is done in sl? LOL) i'm totally in orange fever now! :D