May 15, 2008

::::: A little skin update =) I've made some changes, and actually came up with more than one face, so I decided to keep them all, and give them names and their own unique makeup packs. Hopefully there will be a look for everyone =)
Skintones have always been a bit of a problem for me. I just don't like the dark tones I come up with, so for now I am sticking to tones up to tanned. All skins will include a freckled version, plus dark brows, light brows and redhead brows!
Here's a preview of the first face, I called it Celeste. Don't worry, the cute glossy lips face will also still be released, gotta think of a cute name for that =)

p.s. these are inworld snapshots, unedited, except for cropping and clothing edge adjustment, and a little background special effect on the first one, lol!

Celeste lumina

Celeste dawn


  1. No more teasing! (they look completely stunning)

  2. Love this concept Tuli and the Celeste line is gorgeous and great eye makeup with both freckled and unfreckled.

    Keep up the great work!!


  3. Oh, oh Tuli! Beautiful, I can hardly wait!

  4. :O must have *grabby hands at that first one* its so pretteh

  5. LOVE the freckles on the brunette model. Any chance of freckles on the body as well?

  6. Shiori CarterMay 21, 2008

    They look fantastic :).

    I was also wondering who made the hair on the second picture.

  7. OMG, yes, the curly shoulder length hair. I was at your shop looking for it without luck. Will that be released soon? Need someone to test drive these skins and hair?