January 11, 2008

::::: It seems it's skin rippers season, not only TaP and Naughty and god knows who else that I don't know about had their skin textures ripped and raped, it's my turn now too.

Thanks to an attentive customer I found out that a skin store which does its name justice but not in a good way is selling skins cobbled together with most of my S4 skin and parts from other people's skins. Actually, the eyes look VERY familiar. O_o
They added or removed a shade and a highlight here and there, used different eyes, ears, nips and eyebrows, but it's definately my skin they used. Nails, main shading, lips, freckles are exact copies, even the skintone. Just horrible. Nobody is safe from theft. I'm gonna eat a humongous Hershey bar now.



  1. Wow Tuli, this is exrtemely sad and dissapointing. Furthermore, Linden Labs lack of concern for this as a problem is truly disheartening, and it seems to be become more and more of an issue as of lately. (This week especially, jeez)

    Have you filed a DMCA claim yet on the Second Life site? I dont know how good they are about it, but this is definitely something that needs to be taken care of. Immediately.

    - Sofia

  2. Yeah, but the arm seam is completely original!

  3. yeah, it definitely looks the same...so disappointing :(

  4. For me as a consumer it would be easier to be complacent about this sort of thing. However, I'm not, because I appreciate how much time and skill you designers put into your stuff. Virtual theft for real money and an insult to creativity.