January 5, 2008

::::: Happy newyear!

My first release of 2008 is an outfit called "Iki". It includes pants, 3 different tops and 3 different skirts.
One of the skirts is a regular prim skirt, but the other two are entirely made out of prims.
As a result, they will fit hipwidth 45 and up, and you may have to flatten your butt like you do when you wear template skirts.

The outfit is only available at Iki's mainstore until monday, in the guest designers area, on monday it will be in my other stores as well.
(If the teleport board doesn't work, go to the store basement and look for the gap in the wall
behind the couch in the corner.)

LEFT // hair: Zero Style // choker: Tuli (xmas group gift) // boots: Redgrave
MIDDLE // hair: Analog Dog // necklace: Digital Knickers // boots: Redgrave
RIGHT // hair: Zero Style // necklace: Earthtones

I've gotten a lot of feedback on how I sell my poses, and I have decided to order them in posepacks, since most of you prefer it.
Posepacks include 5 poses for L$ 250, and singles are available for L$ 60 per pose.
There are a lot of new poses too, including a set specially made for carrying a pet (which is scripted with a carry pose) on the left arm. Inspired by Tangram's wicked CSR stamp rally cat =^x^=
Note that poses are only available at my main store in Le Zoo, but the couple poses remain in my Plush Rho location.



  1. Yay! Your poses are one of my favorites in SL.

  2. That's awesome! It fits her style so well :) I LOVE the attitude and elegant poses :D

  3. Hello! LOVE the Iki outfit, treated myself to it today and it is sublime:) I bought some poses too and I am *really* impressed, thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. ow heee..gaaf je bent ook Nederlands LOL..superoutfit, mijn favoriet nu :) Ik las net je verhaaltje bij een comment van iemand anders, over de seroxat en de depressies. *shakes your hand* hier nog zo eentje :/. Nou ja, ik ken je tuli winkel van in world, maar wist niet dat je ook NL was;) Dacht ik zeg ff hallo!
    Groetjes :)