March 15, 2007

::::: New name, new logo, new store, new items!

Second Life drama can get to you, just as real life.
So I have been away, but it kept itching where I can't reach to scratch, so here I am again, haha.

I knew my brand needed a new name, because I intend to create clothes in diverse styles, and Lollypop doesn't really say "shop here for goth wear" now does it.

Naming stuff is not exactly my forte, so in the end I decided to just go with "Tuli".

Currently the building for my store is being built, and I am working hard at creating new clothes and yes, skins! So far it's all for the female avatar but I might be trying my hand at stuff for the fellas later on.

I don't have an opening date yet, I'll know as soon as I'm satisfied with the building.

I want to thank the people who kept the Lollypop group alive, and hopefully you guys will join me in the TULI update group. Lots of free stuff coming your way as a thank you!


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