March 17, 2007

::::: " I've designated today "ThankFest!" & am inviting you to head to your blog to thank at least one person for something they've done for you, then link to it in a comment here:"

Glad to see you back, Sue!

I want to thank the following people:
Callie Cline and Kiana Dulce for their support and being my bratty SL sisters
Kakashi Harris for helping me find my way back in so many ways
Mandrappa Kurelek for sticking by me and just being one of the nicest and most inspiring men on earth
Leone Mastroianni for being there for me and always making me feel better
Fallingwater Cellardoor for always putting a smile on my face
Celebrity Trollop for her continued enthusiasm and always caring about how I'm doing
Damian Baphomet for his lasting support and for being a total sweetheart to me

There are many more and I think I could keep going for a while, but I'm gonna leave it at this, lol.

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