April 3, 2013

::::: Today marks the release of Slink's new and improved Avatar Enhancement System. Developed by Siddean Munro, it gives skin creators like me the opportunity to offer you the ability to apply custom textures to Slink's new rigged mesh hands and feet to get an instant colour- and shading match to your skin.
No more blending layers or struggling with RGB values!

TULI skins now offers texture applier HUDs for Slink's new rigged mesh hands and feet for a seamless texture match with TULI skins.
Note that these appliers only work with Slink's new system released today. They will NOT work with previous versions of Slink mesh hands and feet. To upgrade your existing Slink hands and feet to the new system, please visit the Slink redelivery terminal.
Visit the Slink information webpage for detailed information.

Beautiful and natural hands and feet are now just one click away!

[click image for bigger size]

A special treat for my update group is also available. Thank you for your loyalty and appreciation! Activate your group tag and touch the group gift vendor to receive these items.

 Thank you, Siddean!