March 13, 2013

::::: Today I came across my first ever snapshot in SL again, made on the day I first rezzed, October 26 in 2005, in all my Ruth splendor, so happy with the a-MA-zing hair I had just bought, my first purchase. You know how that is, memories come flooding back and you go 'awwww'. SL was an entirely different place back then. I remember that someone I knew from SWG introduced me to Second Life. We lost touch soon after because my friend stopped logging on and had too much to deal with in RL, but I stayed.
Look how in the background of the snapshot SL was already telling me how I'd be spending my time!

October 26, 2005

March 13, 2013

If you also feel like doing a 'then and now' on your blog, send me the link, I'm curious =)
Do you remember how and why you came to SL?