December 4, 2010

::::: Changes are soon once again coming to the Journey sim.
I want to thank everyone for their appreciation and enjoyment of the sim in the last year, and Mainit, Elysium and Danielle for making their work available here!
I've always tried to make Journey an elaborate shopping experience, but due to time constraints and a need for a clearer, less limiting environment, I will have to tone this down.

Journey will be divided in 4 equal parts. One of those parts will house my main store, which will hopefully make browsing and shopping a better experience.

As I will not be needing an entire sim to house my main store, the other 3 quarters will be available for rent, each with 3749 prims.
I am not looking to make a profit, so the pricing will be according to what I pay in tier to Linden Lab, nothing more, nothing less.
If you are interested in making Journey your retail business home, send me an email!

I WILL do my best to keep Journey a quality shopping sim, and as such will keep candidates to a certain standard.

All this will take some time, so if you want to have a last look around the sim as it is now, do so now! =)

~ Tuli

P.S. yes, new skins are also in the works!