August 11, 2010

::::: Audrey is now available at the TULI main store!
Please read the information on the vendors carefully and try the free demos!

Audrey has 4 skin tones, with 10 makeups. Each makeup includes brown brows, copper brows, freckled and non-freckled versions.
Also included are 24 lips on tattoo layers, 2 additional cleavages (boost and subtle) on tattoo layers and undershirt layers, and 2 types of lashes tattoo layers. The lips and cleavages are only compatible with the Audrey skins.
Tattoo layers only work with SL viewer 2.0 and up, or of course other tattoo layer compatible viewers.
SL viewer 2.1 has the ability to add multiple tattoo layers (at this time 5 in total).

Audrey will suit most shape styles, from model to cute.
If you need a shape to get started, there are two mod/copy varieties available, with free demos.

Audrey vendor


  1. Hi there -- I can't figure out how to wear multiple tattoo layers. Every time I put one on, it takes the other one off. Any ideas?

  2. Right now, only LL viewer 2.1 supports multiwearables.
    If you are using this viewer, rightclick the layer and choose "add". If you don't choose "add", it will simply replace the layer you put on previously.
    If you use a third party viewer, you will have to find out from their site what they support and what version you need.