April 23, 2010

::::: Sayuri is available now at the main store as well as 3 custom shapes I made for her.

Sayuri skin

Sayuri shapes

Please try the free demos in your preferred lighting and wearing your favorite hair! (this goes for all skins and shapes in SL by the way!)

I've added a link to the windlight settings I use to create and photograph all my skins to the sidebar (to the right). I never use facelights, other light sources or prim lashes.
Also, the main store SLurl has been updated to the correct location.

There are many tips and tutorials about changing the windlight settings to make your avatar look the best, or to create special effects without having to do any postwork in an external graphics program.
Most recently, for example, blogger Gogo has posted useful info and links here.


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  1. Hey Tuli, I am sorry I did not comment earlier. The Windlight settings you mentioned are absolutely gorgeous, and really make a difference when viewing on SL. I do a little modeling for friends with a photography studio in SL, and they love how that WL setting works on their shoots :-)

    I have recently purchased a few pairs of shoes with prim feet, and I struggled to get the feet and toes to match with my Eva and Sayuri skins....until I remembered the WindLight settings you have always suggested, and made certain to use them. Once I did that, things matched up very quickly, and the do in any lighting that I use.

    Anyone using Emerald can use the "CalWL" setting and find it is exactly the same as what is in your link. (I know for certain, I already checked!) I don't know about the newest Viewer 2 or any other viewers, but at least in that instance people know it is all set up.

    I wish Caliah Lyon would give suggestions for sunrise, sunset, and midnight presettings...then I would be sure I looked gorgeous at any time of the SL day ;-)

    Take care,