November 7, 2009

::::: Bella is out at the main store! There are 5 skin tones from pale to dark tan, with 10 makeups each. Each makeup includes 3 eyebrow colors and 3 cleavage options.

Bella is not airbrush perfect, but has a realistic look. I have used more photo sourcing than ever before to accomplish this, however she is still what's called a "hybrid" skin (part drawn, part sourced).

These skins have been developed, as usual, in Caliah Lyon's windlight settings without any extra local lighting.
These settings are devoid of any shadow casting.
The skintones and makeups can look different depending on settings used, so please be sure to try the free demos in your preferred lighting!

There are also 3 shapes available, custom made for the Bella skins by me. (see picture below)
The body ("model" shape) is the same for all 3, but the faces are slightly different. They are mod and copy, so you can adjust them to your own preferences! Be sure to keep a copy of the original backed up ;)

(f.l.t.r.: hair by Exile/69/Maitreya, clothing by League/Zaara/Armidi, necklace by Earthtones)

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