April 20, 2008

::::: I'm still working on the new skin on and off, but have also been making some clothing, so I'll have something for you soon!
Oh and have I told you that I'm so delighted with my new computer, it's SO fast compared to my old one, especially in handling multiple open programs at the same time, not to mention Windlight (finallyyyy) with NO lag and NO crashing and all graphics settings on full. It doesn't save me from the usual weekend issues of SL™ though, gah!
*sighs* I remember that switching between my graphics program and SL™ could take all of 2 minutes, hahaha, ONE way, and I couldn't even run Windlight because I'd get wonky graphics after 5 minutes before crashing completely. Oh happy day.

Anyway, here's a snapshot I took during a break from working on the skin. Comment as usual: work in progress...

Work in progress


  1. Aaah, dontcha love a new computer with the WL option, and no lag whatsoever! And the new skin looks fantastic so far...;)

  2. This skin looks soooooo beautiful! I am loving the lips. Great pic too :)

    Can't wait for the release now!!

  3. YAY for your new puter! I want mine now and it's taking forever for the other half to order it, BOOO!

    Cannot wait for the new skins, you'll make me broke! :P

  4. Damnit Tuli you rock girl!!!!!!! I was at your store and think I saw where you're getting ready to display the new skin line and

    G am I excited!!!!!

    I am wishing for a version darker than the Exotic, but if not I will not be upset at all! ;) Keep up the good work. We are cheering you on!