April 5, 2008

::::: As I am slowly reorganizing I am also releasing some new stuff ^^ A cute revamp of the Ana outfit and a spring dress and jacket combo, with specially color matched versions of the Sassy shoes by Maitreya =D (thanks Onyx!!)

"Leila"- available in 3 colors, includes dress top, glitch pants, flex skirt, jacket with prim flare and sculpted sleeves and collar. Dress and jacket can be bought separately. Also available are Sassy wedges by Maitreya colored to match.

Credits: hair by Cake, Aden, ETD / jewelry by Miam Miam / shoes by Maitreya (shown colors only available at my main store)

"Ana revamped" - available in 6 colors, includes jacket with prim cuffs, prim neck scarf, regular capris pants, knee pants with sculpted puff, sculpted hat with and without hair. Items also available separately.

Ana revamped light
credits: boots by Redgrave

Ana revamped dark
credits: shoes by Armidi

Poses I use in my ads are from Torridwear, Reel Expression, Animah, :[AnaLu]: and [LAP]